Designing Hair with a European Flair

Our stylists are highly trained & skilled with perfection and experience for more than 10 years.  Be assured your service at Hair Zone  will be at the utmost quality.  Nothing less... 




Cuts for the LADIES                                                         

HAIRCUT ONLY                                  start at $27                          

dry cut; no shampoo/blowdry                                                                                                                              

HAIRCUT & SHAMPOO                      start at $33                            

no blowdry                                                                                                                                                           

HAIRCUT w/ SHAMPOO & STYLE    start at $40                            

flat ironing/curling iron/specialty styles may be extra


 Cuts for the GUYS

 HAIRCUT ONLY                                  start at $19

 dry cut; no shampoo/blowdry

HAIRCUT & SHAMPOO ONLY           start at $25

   no blowdry

HAIRCUT w/ SHAMPOO & STYLE    start at $31


Cuts for the KIDS  (10 & under)

HAIRCUT ONLY                                    start at $14

dry cut; no blowdry

HAIRCUT & SHAMPOO                        start at $20

 no blowdry

HAIRCUT w/ SHAMPOO & STYLE       start at $23


*all prices subject to change